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Welcome to the North Shore Waterfront Conservancy of Staten Island, Inc.’s web site.

NSWC is a community based grass roots organization. Our mission is to advance and promote increased safe and sustainable public access to the waterfront. To build healthier, greener communities along the Kill Van Kull. To advance public policies and laws to be inclusive of the needs of Staten Island’s North Shore environmental justice communities and waterfront communities. While working with civic associations, neighborhoods and environmental groups, businesses, industries, government agencies and the general public, like you!

By the way if you see something that is posted with a old post date it doesn't mean that it is old. It simply means that it is still going on.

Beryl Thurman, Executive Director/President. Posted 8/02/2013
Email Address: beryl(at)nswcsi.org


In 2008 NSWC published its Environmental Justice booklet " Staten Island's Gold Coast: 5.2 Miles from St. George to Arlington." It has been deemed as being one of the most comprehensive reports ever written about Staten Island's Industrial waterfront and the contaminants that were left behind. Because of the investigative research that went into making the " Gold Coast" federal and state environmental agencies felt compelled to do more in remediation work on Staten Island's North Shore.

Remediation is nice word that means removing all of the hazardous toxins that have been here for over 150 years. Such as with Jewett White Lead/National Lead Industries site that was established in Port Richmond in 1839. You may know it as the old Seduttos Ice Cream Factory site.

2008 also was the year that NSWC started doing its Environmental Justice Boat Tours of Staten Island. So that Staten Islanders could see first hand their island the striking environmental differences of their shore lines.

Bill Moyers' Show on " The Toxic Politics of Science" well worth taking the time to watch:


In September of 2013 NSWC hosted its 4th  Environmental Justice Boat Tour of Staten Island with 5th Graders from  P.S. 20 Elementary School located in Port Richmond. For 3 years Con Edison has been kind enough to  be a sponsor of our boat tours and we truly appreciate their support.

With this tour of Staten Island Ms. Deborah Young from Con Edison near the railing in the photo came with us.

The guest speakers on the boat tour were Debbie Mans from New York/New Jersey Baykeeper, Todd Winston from New York City Audubon Society and Michael Schnall, SI/NYC Parks & Recreation. There were approximately 100 students and several of their teachers from P.S. 20 Elementary and for many of the guest it was the first time they had circumnavigated the entire island.

Many would simply look at these boat tours as being a bit of fun for the day. But the tours of the island actually have a much more specific purpose. Especially when we make our way to the Northern industrial shore lines where many of the waterfront locations still have contaminants left over from New York City's Industrial period.

Staten Island's children living on the North Shore have some the highest lead poisoning levels in New York City according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Lead poisoning in children can cause brain damage that can lead to learning disabilities. It is important that we give all of our children a fair start out in life by eliminating any hazards in our environment that can keep them from living healthy and productive lives.

NSWC Environmental Justice Boat Tour with the students of P.S. 45 and their teacher Ms. Kim Colbeck.

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All donations to NSWC are tax deductible to the full extent of the law, NSWC is a 501- C3, Not- For - Profit organization. Thank you for your kindness and support.

If you want to know the history  on the EPA Removal Action at the Jewett White Lead/Seduttos Ice Cream factory site you can follow along on the EPA link below.

Jewett White Lead Removal (2000-2012 Richmond Terrace)
Staten Island, NY - EPA Region II
Initial Report - Site Mobilization Activities


We would like to thank Mark Gallo, EPA On Site Coordinator for the Jewett White Lead Site, for completing the Removal Action at the John. J. Jewett and Sons White Lead Company/National Lead Industries/Seduttos Ice Cream Factory site at 2000 - 2012 Richmond Terrace. The EPA did an absolute awesome job at remediating the site.

The photo below is of the Jewett Site during the excavation this is what was left of the old pots that were used in the making of the lead paint. They had been buried in the wall of the property.

Photo by Mark Gallo

We would like to thank all of the people at the EPA for their hard work and dedication.  We never could have done any of this without you.



Photo of the Bayonne Bridge at the beginning of the bridge raising project as contractors scrapped lead paint off of the bridge from beneath the tarp.

Staten Island's North Shore's Industrial History also includes its participation in the making of the atomic bomb during World War II. The Bayonne Bridge is probably the largest directional marker in pointing out the location of Staten Island's Manhattan Project Storage Site as the bridge sits right next to the radioactive property.


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