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Staten Island's Gold Coast EJ Booklet

NSWC's Successes....

Our booklet " Staten Island's Gold Coast: 5.2 Miles from St. George to Arlington." Got the environmental agencies attention.

And by enlisting the help of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency they in turn designated 4 Superfund Sites on Staten Island's North Shore and the remediation/clean up of 2 !

1. Mariners Marsh Park's Coal Tar Site
2. Jewett White Lead/National Lead Industries (better known as Seduttos Ice Cream Factory Site)

Still Pending Remediation:
3. Jewett White Lead's Furnace's site (better known as Moran Towing)
4. Formerly the Archer Daniels Midland Company Site (better known as the Staten Island/Manhattan Project Storage Site).

Gez Bushra, U.S. EPA On Site Manager for the remediation/clean up of Mariners Marsh Coal Tar Site.